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Losing a lot of weight in a week is not a very good idea, it will give a short term and unhealthy results. It is possible to lose weight in 7 days but it is not recommended at all.
Short term eating plans are very intense, have a restrictive nature, and you end up being hungry. Chances are, that you will gain all that weight you shed. And these diets are not for you if you have an eating disorder. Furthermore, these diets are not sustainable and you will not be consistent with them. Even if you succeed in losing around 10 pounds in a week, there is a possibility that all that weight is not fat but water weight because fat can not be burn in this very short time period of 7 days. These diets mostly leave you hungry and unsatisfied and its difficult to stick to them.

It is recommended to lose only 2 pounds a week as a long term weight lose plan. And if you are planning to lose this much of weight, then we have so many options for you here. There are many ways that can help you lose weight with results that are sustainable and long term. So Instead of quick weight loss programs, you can opt for any of these plans:


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Before some amazing diet plans, there is another way in which you can shed some kilos that too for a long term. That is ‘eating in calorie deficit’
Yes! You read it right. You can stick to your regular diet plan and can still lose weight by consuming less calories. Apart from calorie deficit, some more ways to lose weight are the following.


Also known as the GM diet that can make you lose around 16 pounds or 6.8kgs in just 7 days. It is said to promote weight loss but it is not approved by many researchers yet.

What to eat in this diet:

  • Your water intake should be 8–12 glasses each day to stay super hydrated and flush out extra
  • Exercise is optional.
  • Consume 2-3 bowls of GM Wonder Soup which ia made with cabbage, tomatoes, onions and some other vegies.
  • Eat only fruits but no maximum amount of fruit mentioned but melons are prefered but limit bananas.
  • Eat vegies in whatever form you like but limit potatoes.
  • Drink 3 glasses of skim milk.
  • Have 10 ounce of meat, fish or chicken.
  • Brown rice and cottage cheese.


It is another effective way for weight loss. This method doesn’t tell any specific do’s and don’ts or which food you should eat but it suggests when to eat them. Some methods of intermittent fasting are 16/8 method, 5:2 diet, alternate-day fasting, eat-stop-eat, spontaneous meal skipping and the warrior diet.

The 16/8 Method:
In this method you fast everyday for about 14–16 hours and limit your eating window to 8-10 hours only. You can make it very simple by not eating anything after dinner and skipping breakfast but if you are someone who feels hungry right after waking up, adopting this fasting pattern will be difficult for you. But many people who skip breakfast normally, mostly opt for this method. For a 16 hour fast, if you have your dinner at 8 p.m. then don’t eat till next day noon. Its important to eat healthy when you open your fast or your eating window because you can only have water, coffee or zero-calorie beverages when you are fasting. This fasting will not do any wonders if you eat junk and high caloric food when your window is opened.

The 5:2 Diet:
In this diet, you eat as you do on regular basis for 5 days and restrict your calorie intake to even less than half of your calories for the other 2 days of the week. For example if your calorie intake is more than 1,200 per day, restrict it to 500-600 calories for those 2 days. But there is no such study proving the benefits of 5:2 diet itself.

The Alternate-day Fasting:
As the name suggests, in this diet you fast every other day. But it seems very intense for the beginners because this method mostly allows to have only 500 calories a day and you will go to bed hungry which is unsustainable. So its not recommended for the beginners, for pregnant women.

Eat-Stop-Eat Method to Lose Weight in 7 days:

In this method, you fast once or twice in a week and it is quite famous for a few years now. A full 24 hour fast with water, coffee or zero calorie beverages in between. For example you can fast from dinner to next day’s dinner, lunch to lunch or breakfast to breakfast. It is then very important to eat normally in your eating periods but don’t compensate by over eating. Eat in moderation as if you were never fasting. The only drawback of this method is that fasting for 24 hours might be very difficult for most of the people. So you can even start by small fasts and build it up once you get used to it.

The Spontaneous Meal Skipping:
This method doesn’t follow any structured intermittent fasting plan but you can skip any random meal by your choice to get some of its benefits. It doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself, but skip the meal when you don’t feel too hungry or when you are too busy to cook. Burst the myth that people need to eat every few hours to stay fit and active. Your body is very well equipped to handle long periods of hunger and in this diet, you are not even keeping yourself hungry. But only eat when you are actually hungry that too in your calorie count.

The Warrior Diet:
This method promotes eating small portions of uncooked vegies and fruits with one huge meal at night. Basically eating almost no calories all day and feast at night. It was one of the first popular diet pattern of intermittent fasting. In this diet, You are advised to eat mostly whole and unprocessed foods.


This diet is currently one of the world’s most popular diets. It claims to help you shed your extra kilos real quick, even 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in just 7 days. This diet is also known as the 3-day diet and it doesn’t require any special or expensive food and supplements. It is based on a meal plan of 3 days and 4 days off. That means you need to take the prescribed food in this diet for 3 days and your regular food for the rest of the 4 days of the week. You can also repeat this cycle if you want to lose more weight.

Promoters of this diet claims that it was designed for the US Military by the nutritionists to get the soldiers in shape faster. But in real this diet isn’t affiliated with any military institution. Total calorie intake in this diet should be as low as 1,100-1,400 per day which is quite less for an adult but this diet claims significant weight loss in just one week.


Apart from these diets, you can also lose weight by having control on your portion size and adopting sensible eating habits. By maintaining those eating habits and don’t adopt them only to lose weight. Make them your life style and be consistent with them even after losing weight to maintain that weight.

Only eat as much calories as you need to stay active and don’t eat unnecessary high caloric food. Also practicing portion control can help you reach to your ideal weight and even maintaining it. Weight loss often occurs by itself simply when you adopt these habits and start making better food choices.

Try to have less processed food, sugar, white bread and junk food as well. But when you crave for something, have a very small portion of it. Then burn those calories by exercising and other physical activities. Enjoy whatever you like but in moderation and balance. Lose Weight in 7 days

All in all, these were some diets by which you can Lose Weight in 7 days. But always remember, being healthy is the priority. Losing weight in a faster and unhealthy way can not only make you feel low and sick but its short term as well.

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