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Yoga is a blend of physical, mental and spiritual practices combined with breathing techniques for a spectacular mindful experience. Not only does it help in flexibility and mindfulness, it aids in almost every aspect of physical and mental health. we will be covering practicing of yoga for weight-loss in this article.

Benefits of Yoga on Physical & Mental Health:

  • Practicing yoga helps in relaxing the muscle. Regular yoga practice helps in improving the flexibility of the body.
  • Yoga involves breathing techniques that include mindful inhalation and expiration during the poses that improves the lung function. The stretching while performing yoga improves the lung expansion and contraction process along with increase in oxygenation of blood. This ultimately enhances the breathing.
  • When body is stretched, flexibility is increased and mindfulness is experienced, the mental function is stabilized. The spiritual well-being helps in improving the vitality and enthusiasm to perform daily tasks without feeling fatigue and lazy.
  • Yoga has proven benefits to aid in digestion. Stomach and intestines are also formed by muscles. When certain asanas are performed, these muscles are stretched that helps in gastric acid secretion, improved digestion, increase in hunger and decrease in retention of food. Over-all the metabolism is greatly boosted.
  • Even for normal exercise, warm-up is required. Yoga improves athletic performance by providing enhanced flexibility of muscles which prevent damage to the muscle tissues during vigorous activities.
  • By improving the lung function, more oxygenated blood is pumped to the heart that reduces the risk of ischemic diseases of the heart muscles. Yoga also upregulates the pumping activity of the heart.
  • Some asanas are believed to reduce weight and burn calories if performed regularly and actively. When combined with proper healthy diet, yoga provides a synergetic effect to the body towards weight-loss.
  • Yoga helps in managing stress levels of the body by regulating the hormones and brain activity. When stress levels are managed, body feels ready to take on the world which helps in weight-loss journey as the body feels “ready”.
  • Yoga also involves meditation that gives a calming experience to the whole body and thus help in anxiety related problems as well as uplifting of the mood.

Yoga For Weight-loss:

This may sound unrealistic to some, but yoga has proven to fight against weight-gain and burning calories to a greater extent. However, the result of weight-loss does not appear instantly, rather it gradually helps in the loss of weight without exhausting the muscles with vigorous exercises. When merged with balanced diet and some side exercises like swimming or walking, yoga can help in the loss of weight faster with improved cardiovascular activity.

Top Yoga Asanas For Weight-loss:

Not all yoga asanas are meant for weight-loss. There is a wide range of asanas performed, all of which are related to different benefits on physical and mental health.
Below are the top yoga asanas to help in weight-loss journey:

yoga for weight loss beginners
The Wind Releasing Pose “Pawanmuktasana”
In this asana, the body lays straight on the floor with head and legs bend to the point the knee touches the nose. The position is to be kept for as long as possible. The same pose is performed on other leg and then both knees together.
This asana is very helpful in releasing gas and aiding constipation thereby improving gastric motility. Regulation of stomach is probably the most basic approach to weight-loss.

The Triangle Pose, Trikasana
The Triangle Pose “Trikasana”
This pose involves bending of the upper body down while keeping the legs apart with one arm close to the parallel foot while other arm up in the air.
This asana is very effective in cutting down belly and waist fat. Along with aiding in digestion, it helps in weight-loss process and improve balance, concentration and stregthen thigh and leg muscles specially hamstrings. It also provides better stability.

The Boat Pose “Ardha Navasana”
The Boat Pose “Ardha Navasana”
In this pose, body makes an opposite “A” shape, with both upper and lower body above the ground, keeping hips on the floor, and holding the knees with arms.
This pose is effective in toning lower body muscles such as hips and lower back, improving the posture and balance in parallel. It also aids in digestion and stomach motility.

The Cobra Pose “Bhujangasana”
The Cobra Pose “Bhujangasana”
In this pose, the body lies flat on stomach having toes pointed. The head is tilted backwards and stomach is extended backwards while arms on the floor.
The cobra pose is rated among the best yoga poses to lose belly fat. It directly acts on abdominal muscles to cut down the extra fat deposited on the abdomen, thereby helping in weight-loss.

yoga for weight loss
The Bow Pose “Dhanurasana”
The bow pose is also effective in cutting down belly and waist fat while strengthening thighs, ankles, chest and abdominal organs.
It also tones the shoulders and improves heart health. Like all the asanas, it also aids in digestion and gastric motility.

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yoga for weight loss beginners
The Chair Pose “Utkatasana”
In chair pose, the knees are bent until the thighs become parallel to the floor while keeping the shoulders away from ears, and chest up.
This pose helps in toning of the muscles of knees, legs and thighs and muscles of the upper body like shoulders, arms and chest. Like the Trikasana, it also helps in cutting belly fat.

Power Yoga:
It is not recommended for beginners. this is not a traditional yoga exercise that is slowly performed, but a rather strenuous exercise that works like a normal workout and is effective in burning fat quickly. It also improves metabolism and gives a great sense of well-being and positivity.

The Eagle Pose “Garudasana”
The Eagle Pose “Garudasana”
In this pose, one leg is twisted around the other like two ropes twisting around each other, similar for forearms. Knees are bent and hips pointing in forward direction.

This asana helps in loss of weight and cutting fats on thighs, hands, arms and legs. This is a great pose for enhancing blood circulation and boosting digestion.

1. It is recommended to always consult an expert before beginning any of the asanas as some are not for the beginners and may cause tissue injury or any unwanted problem.
2. If you have gone through any physical treatment, have chronic illness or bones/muscle dysfunction, always seek a medical advice to start off weight-loss journey through yoga.

Final Note:
Losing weight is hard and requires a lot of dedication, sweat and burn. People often make mistakes while dieting or exercising which makes them unsuccessful in losing weight.
It is always suggested to take optimized diet while performing these yoga asanas, stay active and involve in some workout sessions along with it. Yoga is not a quick solution to weight-loss, but rather an approach that exercises the whole body deep to the spiritual level. The results are however, far much better and long-lasting.

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